Redact PDF operation

Redacting a document means removing portions from the document which could contain sensitive information such as text, pictures, or watermarks. Acrobat includes a post-redaction option for removig hidden information such as hidden text and metadata. However, with the redaction operation in AEM forms, you can remove only displayable contents.

Before you redact displayable portions of a PDF document, you can use the redaction tools in Acrobat to annotate the regions of the document that must be redacted and optionally, specify any post-redaction mark.

Input properties

Properties to specify the parameters of the redaction operation.


A document value that specifies the PDF document to be redacted. The PDF document must be already annotated for the redaction operation to be successful.

Redaction Options

A RedactionOptionSpec object that specifies the redaction options. If you specify a literal value, specify the following:

Redact XObject references
Select this option if you want to redact all references of the same XObject.

Redact whole image for unsupported filter
Select this option if you want to redact whole image when only parts of the image are marked for redaction but the image format is not supported by the image filters.

Output properties

A RedactionResult object that specifies the output of the redaction operation, containing the following:


A document value that specifies the document resulting after the redaction operation.

Redaction Status

A boolean value that specifies whether the redaction operation was successful. A true value indicates that the PDF document was redacted successfully. If the redaction operation was unsuccessful or partially successful, a PDFUtilityException is thrown.

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