Process editing aids

You can simplify the drawing of your process diagram by performing these tasks:

  • Copy parts of the process diagram.

  • Modify the magnification of the process diagram.

Copying elements

You can copy any element or multiple elements that include operations, routes, events, gateway elements, activity elements, and annotation elements from your process diagram to the same process or to another process.

Note: If your selection includes a start point event and you try to copy it to the same process diagram, everything will be copied except the start point event. This is because you can only have one start point of an event type in each process diagram. If you want to copy a branch, see Adding, editing, deleting, and copying branches .

Copy an element:

  1. In the process diagram, select the element to copy.

  2. Perform one of the following actions to copy and paste an element:

    • In the toolbar, click Copy Copy button has 2 identical pages on it and then click Paste  .

    • Select Edit > Copy and then Edit > Paste.

  3. (Optional) Click the process editor tab of the process diagram where the element is to be copied.

  4. In the process diagram, click the location where the element is to be copied.

    You can select multiple elements using one of the following methods:
    • Hold down the Control key and select each element you want to copy.

    • Draw a border around the elements you want to copy.

Changing the magnification of process diagrams

Use the zoom tool to increase or decrease the magnification of a process diagram.

  • Click the plus sign button to increase the magnification.

  • Click the minus sign button to decrease the magnification.

  • Drag the slider or click on the scale to increase or decrease the magnification.

Variable highlighting

You can click on an activity in the process editor, to see the variables that are referenced by that activity displayed in blue text in the Variable view. Similarly, you can select a variable in the Variable view, to see the activities that are reference by that variable highlighted in blue in the process editor.

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