A complex data type that stores the attributes and content for an item in the IBM Content Manager repository.

For information about data that can be accessed using Xpath Expressions, see Data items .

Data items

The data items that DocInfo variables contain.


A map value for mapping attributes of an item type to process variable values. The process variables that you map to attributes must be the same data type. For example, if an attribute is of data type string , it must be mapped to a process variable of data type string . The name of an attribute is used as the key.


A document value that represents the contents for the item. For a folder, this value is empty.


A string value that represents the item type of the item.


A string value that represents the unique identifier of an item. The PID (Persistent Identifier) is an identifier used by Content Manager server to uniquely identify all items.


A string value that represents the version of the item in a Content Manager repository.

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