Holds a string value.

For information about specifying the size of the variable, see Datatype definition .

For information about configuring default properties, see Datatype specific settings .

Datatype definition

Options for specifying the size of the variable.

Maximum Length:
Select this option to specify a maximum number of characters that the string variable can store.

Select this option to specify that the string variable can store any amount of character data.
Important: For installations of AEM forms with an Oracle database, errors occur on AEM forms Server when you change the maximum length of a string variable to Unlimited for an activate process. The resulting errors deactivate the process and prevent it from becoming active again.

If you need a string variable that has no size constraints and the process is already activated, re-create the string variable and select the Unlimited option in the variable properties. Do not change an existing string variable to have an unlimited size when a maximum length has been set.

Datatype specific settings

Properties for specifying default property values for the variable.

Default Value:
The default length of the variable. Enter the text to use as the string value.

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