A complex data type that represents the PDF document fields that are locked after an associated signature field is signed. Any changes to the locked fields after the signature field is signed invalidate the signature.

This data type is used in the Add Invisible Signature Field operation operation provided by the Signature service.

For information about data that can be accessed using Xpath Expressions, see Data items .

For information about configuring default properties, see Datatype specific settings .

Data items

The data items that FieldMDPOptionSpec variables contain.


A string value that represents the set of fields that are locked when the signature field is signed. These string values are valid:

All fields in the PDF document are locked.

Lock only the fields specified in the fields data item.

Lock all fields except for those fields specified in the fields data item.


A list of string values that specifies the names of the fields that the specified action applies to. Each value is separated by a comma. This property is not used if the action property is set to ALL.

Datatype specific settings

Properties for configuring the locked fields after signing the PDF document.

Field Locking Action

A list that sets the type of action to use to lock fields in a PDF document. No default value is selected. Select one of these values:

All Fields:
Lock all fields in the PDF document.

Include Fields:
Lock only the fields specified in the Application To Form Fields option.

Exclude Fields:
Lock all fields except for those fields specified in the Applicable To Form Fields option.

Applicable to Form Fields

Sets a comma-separated list of field names that indicate which fields the action is applicable or not applicable to. This option is available when Field Locking Action option is set to a value of Include Fields or Exclude Fields.

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