A complex data type that stores the results of an Output service operation. OutputResult variables are used to store the results in the generatePDFOutput (deprecated), generatePDFOutput operation , generatePrintedOutput (deprecated), and generatePrintedOutput operation operations of the Output service.

For information about data that can be accessed using Xpath Expressions, see Data items .

Data items

The data items that OutputResult variables contain.


A document value that represents the PDF document that the Output service generates.


A document value that contains the metadata for the generated PDF document.


A list of string values that represent the metadata used to create the metadata file.


A document value that represents the status of the operation. If an error occurs and the generatePDFOutput (deprecated) or generatePrintedOutput (deprecated) operations were used, the error message is stored in this value. When the generatePDFOutput operation and generatePrintedOutput operation operations are used, the value returned is null and the error message is available in the application server log file.

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