A complex data type that represents a credential that is required to sign or certify a PDF document. This data type is used in the Sign Signature Field operation operation provided by the Signature service.

For information about data that can be accessed using Xpath Expressions, see Data items .

For information about configuring default properties, see Datatype specific settings .

Data items

The data items that Credential variables contain.


A field name value that represents the name used to identify the credential.


A byte value that represents the certificate required for signing when using the signing service provider interface (SPI).


An int value that represents the credential type. These values are valid:

The alias is provided by configuring the certificate and key values in Trust Store. The signing SPI is not queried for an alias.

The certificate is not provided and Trust Store is not queried. The key value comes from the signing SPI.


A string value that represents the name of the signing SPI.

Datatype specific settings

Properties for configuring credential details.


Select this option to use the credentials from the SPI. When this option is deselected, local credentials are used. By default, the option is deselected.


Sets an alternative name for a credential managed by the Signature service.

SPI Name

Sets the name of the signing server provider interface. This name is provided to the Signature service to extend the digital signature functionality when credentials are not exposed to AEM forms Server.


Sets the location of the certificate on the file system. This option is available when the Use SPI option is selected.

When you click the ellipsis button , the Open dialog box opens. In the dialog box, you can select a file from your computer or from a network location. During run time, if you selected a file from a location on your computer, it must exist in the same location on AEM forms Server.

SPI Properties

Sets the location of the properties file to pass custom inputs to an implementation of the SPI. This option is available when the Use SPI option is selected.

If you provide a literal value, clicking the ellipsis button opens the SPI properties dialog box. (See SPI Properties .) In the dialog box, add, remove, and edit the keys and values for each SPI property. The SPI implementation determines the keys that you provide. For information about creating custom service providers, see Programming with AEM forms .

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