Adding and deleting gateways

Add a gateway element to your process diagram to execute branches in parallel. When you add a gateway, it contains one branch and no other elements. You can add elements and additional branches as required. You can rename or add a description to the gateway to distinguish it from others in the process diagram.

Note: You cannot add gateway elements to short-lived processes. If a branch within a gateway is transactional, you cannot add a gateway to it. However, you can add a gateway to a main branch that is transactional. (See Branches .)

You also configure when the main branch proceeds after the gateway element is executed. The Control Type property controls this behavior, and can be set to the following values:

The main branch proceeds after all of the branches in the gateway are complete. AND-WAIT is the default value.

The main branch proceeds after only one of the branches in the gateway is complete.

The main branch proceeds immediately after the branches in the gateway are started. The main branch does not wait for the branches to complete.

You can delete the gateway element from the process diagram at any time. When you delete a gateway element, all routes to and from the gateway element are deleted. All branches in the gateway are also deleted.

To add a gateway element:

  1. Drag a Gateway from the toolbar to a location in your process diagram. If the process is short-lived, you are prompted to change it to long-lived.

  2. (Optional) In the Gateway Properties dialog box, provide a name and description:

    • In the Name box, type a name for the gateway element.

    • In the Description box, type text to describe the gateway element.

  3. In the Control Type list, select the control type to use.

  4. Click Save.

To delete a gateway element:

In the process diagram, perform one of the following tasks to delete a gateway element:
  • Right-click the gateway element and select Delete Gateway.

  • Select the gateway element and in the toolbar, click Delete  , press the Delete key, or select Edit > Delete.

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