View related iterations for a document

If tracking related iterations is enabled, you can track versions of a document that various users have saved. This feature is supported only by certain applications, such as PTC Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire.

This feature is useful when multiple users are collaborating and are saving different versions of the same document. document security can keep track of the various iterations; therefore, you can easily view document information for the different versions.

If this feature is enabled, you can view the related iterations of a document from the Documents page.

  1. View the Document Detail page for a document. (See View information about a document .)

  2. Click View Related Iterations. The option is available only if the feature is enabled. The list of related iterations appears. For each iteration, you can view the following information:

    • Iteration: The filename. It may be different from the original filename and it has a version number appended to the end of it.

    • Publisher: The publisher of the original document.

    • Created By: The user who saved the iteration.

    • Date Created: The date and time that the Iteration was saved.

    • Policy: The policy that protects the iteration. Different iterations may be protected by different policies.

  3. To display the Document Detail page for that iteration, click the filename of an iteration.

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