Creating an ASP.NET web application that invokes a human-centric long-lived process

You can create an ASP.NET application that invokes the FirstAppSolution/PreLoanProcess process. To invoke this process from an ASP.NET application, use web services. (See Invoking LiveCycle using Web Services .)

The following illustration shows an ASP.NET client application obtaining data from an end user. The data is placed into an XML data source and sent to the FirstAppSolution/PreLoanProcess process when the user clicks the Submit Application button.

Notice after the process is invoked, an invocation identifier value is displayed. An invocation identifier value is created as part of a record that tracks the status of the long-lived process.

The ASP.NET application performs the following tasks:

  • Retrieves the values that the user entered into the web page.

  • Dynamically creates an XML data source that is passed to the FirstAppSolution/PreLoanProcess process. The three values are specified in the XML data source.

  • Invokes the FirstAppSolution/PreLoanProcess process by using the web services.

  • Returns the invocation identifier value and the status of the long-lived operation to the client web browser.

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