Create an ASP.NET web application

Create a Microsoft .NET C# ASP.NET Web application. The following illustration shows the contents of the ASP.NET project named InvokePreLoanProcess .

Notice under Service References, there are two items. The first item is named JobManager . This reference enables the ASP.NET application to invoke the Job Manager service. This service returns information about the status of a long-lived process. For example, if the process is currently running, then this service returns a numeric value that specifies the process is currently running. The second reference is named PreLoanProcess . This service reference represents the reference to the FirstAppSolution/PreLoanProcess process. After you create a Service Reference, data types associated with the LiveCycle service are available for use within your .NET project.

Create a ASP.NET project:

  1. Start Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

  2. From the File menu, select New , Web Site .

  3. In the Templates list, select ASP.NET Web Site .

  4. In the Location box, select a location for your project. Name your project InvokePreLoanProcess .

  5. In the Language box, select Visual C#

  6. Click OK.

Add service references:

  1. In the Project menu, select Add Service Reference .

  2. In the Address dialog box, specify the WSDL to the Job Manager service.

  3. In the Namespace field, type JobManager .

  4. Click Go and then click OK .

  5. In the Project menu, select Add Service Reference .

  6. In the Address dialog box, specify the WSDL to the FirstAppSolution/PreLoanProcess process.

  7. In the Namespace field, type PreLoanProcess .

  8. Click Go and then click OK .

Note: Replace hiro-xp with the IP address of the J2EE application server hosting LiveCycle. The lc_version option ensures that LiveCycle functionality, such as MTOM, is available. Without specifying the lc_version option, you cannot invoke LiveCycle using MTOM. (See Invoking LiveCycle using MTOM .)

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