1 About This Document

This document provides instructions for installing and configuring workbench. The installation program also installs Designer.

1.1 Who should read this document?

This document is intended for administrators or developers who are responsible for installing, configuring, administering, or deploying Workbench. Also included is information needed to configure your system to support your upgraded Adobe AEM forms Enterprise Suite (ES) Update 1 (8.2.x) and Adobe AEM forms Enterprise Suite 2 (ES2) processes. The information provided is based on the assumption that anyone reading this document is familiar with Microsoft Windows operating systems.

1.2 Additional information

The resources in this table can help you learn more about and get started using AEM Forms.

For information about


Procedural information for Workbench

Workbench Help

General information about AEM Forms and how it integrates with other Adobe products

AEM Forms Overview

A tutorial for creating a AEM Forms application and testing it in workspace

Creating Your First AEM Forms Application

All the documentation available for AEM Forms

AEM Forms documentation

Other services and products that integrate with AEM Forms


Patch updates, technical notes, and additional information on this product version

Contact Adobe Enterprise Support

Note: The Flex Worksapce is deprecated for AEM Forms. It is available for the AEM Forms release.

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