To check script syntax

While you work on a form design, you can check all JavaScript or FormCalc scripts for syntax errors to ensure that the form functions as expected before you distribute it for use. Any script syntax errors found in the form are displayed in the Report palette on the Warnings tab. On the Warnings tab in the Report palette, each error is listed on a separate numbered line, along with the event or script object name and a description of the error. If multiple events are displayed, the line numbering for each event begins at 1.

You can click any script error in the list to display the relevant script, highlight the line that contains the error, and locate the insertion point at the beginning of the highlighted line. Scripting syntax errors are also reported in the Warnings tab when you save a form design or preview it using the Preview PDF tab.

Note: You can also use the Go To Line dialog box to select the event you want to see. The script event drop-down list includes the System Object Model (SOM) expression, as shown in the header lines, for each event currently visible in the Script Editor.

In the Script Editor, select Tools > Check Script Syntax.

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