Using FormCalc

FormCalc is a simple yet powerful calculation language modeled on common spreadsheet software. Its purpose is to facilitate fast and efficient form design without requiring a knowledge of traditional scripting techniques or languages. Using several of the built-in functions, inexperienced FormCalc users can quickly create forms that save users from performing time-consuming calculations, validations, and other verifications. This way, you can create a basic set of rules for the form design that allows the resulting form to react according to the data it comes into contact with.

Within Designer, FormCalc is the default scripting language in all scripting locations with JavaScript as the alternative. For information on setting your default scripting language, see Configuring Designer for Scripting .

Important: If you are developing forms for use with a server-based process (for example, using Foms), with the intent of rendering your forms in HTML, you should develop your calculations and scripts in JavaScript. FormCalc calculations are not valid in HTML browsers, and are removed prior to the form being rendered in HTML.

FormCalc treats each new line in the Script Editor as a new expression to evaluate.

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