Style Catalog palette menu

The Style Catalog menu displays commands for working with Style Catalog palette. You access this menu by clicking the palette menu button.

Opens Designer Help and displays a description of the Style Catalog palette.

Hide Palette
Hides the palette.

New Style Sheet
Designer opens a blank Designer Style Sheet (XFS) file in which to create new styles.

Add Style Sheet
Opens the Select Style Sheet dialog box.

Apply Default Styles To New Objects
Applies the default style to an object as you add it to your form design. Before you can apply default styles to new objects, select a default style for each object type you add to the form design.

Edit Default Style Settings
Opens the Default Styles dialog box.

Embed Style Sheets
Designer adds the styles from all of the external style sheet panels in the Style Catalog to the internal style sheet panel.

Sort By
Unsorts or sorts the Designer Style Sheet file (XFS) file listed in the Style Catalog by name or by type.

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