Getting Started Building ColdFusion MX Applications

Getting Started Building ColdFusion MX Applications is intended for anyone who needs to begin programming in the ColdFusion MX development environment. This book includes a tutorial, which uses supporting files that are installed if you chose to install example applications. If you did not install the ColdFusion MX example applications, you can download the tutorial files from the ColdFusion Support center on the Macromedia website.

This book contains the following chapters:
Introducing ColdFusion MX
CFML Basics
Database Fundamentals
Lesson 1: Preparing to Build the Sample Application
Lesson 2: Configuring Your Development Environment
Lesson 3: Retrieving Data
Lesson 4: Building Dynamic Queries
Lesson 5: Creating a Trip Detail Page
Lesson 6: Creating a Main Application Page
Lesson 7: Validating Data to Enforce Business Rules
Lesson 8: Implementing Browsing and Searching
Lesson 9: Enabling Database Maintenance
Lesson 10: Restricting Access to ColdFusion Applications

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