ColdFusion MX Developer's Guide

ColdFusion MX Developer's Guide provides the tools needed to develop Internet applications using Macromedia ColdFusion MX. This book is intended for web application programmers who are learning ColdFusion MX or wish to extended their ColdFusion MX programming knowledge. It provides a solid grounding in the tools that ColdFusion MX provides to develop web applications.

Because of the power and flexibility of ColdFusion MX, you can create many different types of web applications of varying complexity. As you become more familiar with the material presented in this manual, and begin to develop your own applications, you will want to refer to CFML Reference for details about various tags and functions.

This book contains the following chapters:
About ColdFusion MX Documentation
Introducing ColdFusion MX
Elements of CFML
Using ColdFusion Variables
Using Expressions and Number Signs
Using Arrays and Structures
Extending ColdFusion Pages with CFML Scripting
Using Regular Expressions in Functions
Creating ColdFusion Elements
Writing and Calling User-Defined Functions
Building and Using ColdFusion Components
Creating and Using Custom CFML Tags
Building Custom CFXAPI Tags
Designing and Optimizing a ColdFusion Application
Handling Errors
Using Persistent Data and Locking
Securing Applications
Developing Globalized Applications
Debugging and Troubleshooting Applications
Introduction to Databases and SQL
Accessing and Retrieving Data
Updating Your Database
Using Query of Queries
Managing LDAP Directories
Building a Search Interface
Using Verity Search Expressions
Introduction to Retrieving and Formatting Data
Building Dynamic Forms with cfform Tags
Validating Data
Creating Forms in Macromedia Flash
Creating Skinnable XML Forms
Creating Charts and Graphs
Creating Reports for Printing
Using the Flash Remoting Service
Using Server-Side ActionScript
Using XML and WDDX
Using Web Services
Integrating J2EE and Java Elements in CFML Applications
Integrating COM and CORBA Objects in CFML Applications
Sending and Receiving E-Mail
Interacting with Remote Servers
Managing Files on the Server
Using Event Gateways
Using the Instant Messaging Event Gateways
Using the SMS Event Gateway
Creating Custom Event Gateways

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