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This object represents an Acrobat annotation. Annotations can be created using the Acrobat annotation tool or by using the Doc object method addAnnot.
Before an annotation can be accessed, it must be bound to a JavaScript variable through a Doc object method such as getAnnot:
	var a = this.getAnnot(0, "Important");
The script can then manipulate the annotation named “Important” on page 1 (0-based page numbering system) by means of the variable a. For example, the following code first stores the type of annotation in the variable thetype, then changes the author to “John Q. Public”.
	var thetype = a.type;          // read property = "John Q. Public";   // write property
Another way of accessing the Annotation object is through the Doc object getAnnots method.
Note: In Adobe Reader 5.1 or later, you can get the value of any annotation property except contents. The ability to set these properties depends on Comments document rights, as indicated by the C icon.
Note: The user interface in Acrobat refers to annotations as comments.