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The Acrobat 3D API is the public interface for the Acrobat 3D Library.

The Acrobat 3D Library is a dynamic libraries package that lets you develop ®Acrobat plug-ins and PDF Library applications that create and access data in a PRC stream. Such a stream can be embedded within a PDF document as a 3D annotation.


Main Page (this page)
Contains copyright notices and describes the reference's contents.

Shows the hierarchy of the PRC entities that comprise the Acrobat 3D API. These entities correspond to the serialized objects described by the PRC Format Specification. A PRC entity is an opaque C structure that contains highly compressed PRC data. The Acrobat 3D API provides functions that let you parse and create PRC entities.

Click the entries in the Modules page to see module descriptions or to see the functions, structures, or enumerations in the module.

Data Structures
Describes the public data structures that you use when parsing or creating a PRC entity.

Lists the header files that make up the Acrobat 3D API.

Related Pages
Describes overview and non-normative content. This section provides the following introductory information on the Acrobat 3D Library.

Acrobat 3D API Reference

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