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This is a static JavaScript object that allows you to share data between documents and to have data be persistent across sessions. Such data is called persistent global data. Global data-sharing and notification across documents is done through a subscription mechanism, which allows you to monitor global data variables and report their value changes across documents.
Note: Beginning with version 8.0, the access to global variables has changed somewhat, the details are described below:
The JavaScript category in the Preferences dialog box (Ctrl + K) has a new security check box: Enable Global Object Security Policy.
When checked, the default, each time a global variable is written to, the origin which set it is remembered. Only origins that match can then access the variable.
There is an important exception to the restrictions described above, global variables can be defined and accessed in a privileged context, in the console, in a batch sequence and in folder JavaScript. For more information on privileged contexts, see Privileged versus non-privileged context.
For examples, see section Global object security policy.