Signing in and out

Upload, building, and publishing with the Scene7 Publishing System requires meeting certain user prerequisites and system requirements. You identify yourself to SPS by signing in. When you have finished using Scene7, sign out.

Make sure that you have the following before using Scene7:

You must have been set up to use Scene7 by your administrator.

You must have the URL location for accessing Scene7. You get this URL via the “Welcome” e-mail or from your Scene7 administrator.

Login name
You use your e-mail address as your login name.

You obtain your temporary password in a “Welcome” e-mail from Scene7 or from your Scene7 administrator. The first time you sign in, you are prompted to change this temporary password.

Sign in

The Welcome e-mail you received from your administrator provides you with the sign-in URL, your username, and a temporary password.

  1. Start your web browser.

  2. Go to the Scene7 sign-in URL (from the Welcome e-mail). Alternatively, you can sign in from the Scene7 web site ( ) by selecting the Client Login button.

  3. Enter your e-mail address in the User Name box.

  4. Enter your password in the Password box.

  5. Optionally, you can make your computer remember your e-mail address by selecting the Remember My User Name option.

  6. Click Sign In.

Sign out

  • Click Sign Out, located on the right side of the Global Navigation bar.

  • Exit your browser.

Important: Because SPS is web-based, going to a different web site exits the system. For example, if you click the Back button in your browser window, you exit Scene7.

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