Working with the RoboHelp tabs

The RoboHelp commands included in logical groups and put together in the various tabs. Each tab contains commands of related functionality. Also, the tabs are groups based on the tasks performed by a user at any point of time. For example, the Edit tab includes commands specific to editing Robo­Help content. The Output tab includes command related to generating output.

Some common commands are included in different tabs. For example, the Pods drop-down list is available in the Project and Edit tabs. Also, some tabs are contextual only appear in the related context. For example the Table tab only appears when you are working in a table.

The RoboHelp interface includes the following tabs:




Contains options such as open, close, rename and list recent projects. This tab also provides links to several help and community resources and options to customize RoboHelp preferences.


Includes commands associated with a project. You manage, create, import, edit, and delete project level components such as topics, snippets, tags, and variables. You can save the currently unsaved changes across the project.


Allows you to perform authoring tasks such as creating and editing stylesheets. While authoring the contents of a topic, snippet, or master page, you can choose the commands in this tab such as Bold, Italic, font, and align. You can also apply tags to content.


You use the commands to insert various types of objects at various points in your project. These objects include tables, images, Captivate content, and snippets.


When setting up or importing the comments from a PDF shared review, you can use the commands in this tab. This tab also includes commands that allow you to track changes, accept and reject changes in a document review.


Includes commands that allows you to share project resources across users. You can also set up and use version control.


The options in this tab allow you to create, setup, generate, and view RoboHelp outputs.


You can create and view reports. RoboHelp ships with a number of scripts that you can use to perform certain commands. Select and execute scripts from the Scripts list in this tab.


Provides access to table specific commands such as merge, split, borders and shading.

Note: This tab is context sensitive and only displays when the insertion point is within in table.


Allows you to position and size a Positioned text box.

Note: This tab is context-sensitive and only displays when a positioned text box is selected. To insert a positioned text box, go to the Insert tab and choose Positioned text box.

September 30, 2016

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