Working with topics

Create, save, and open topics

Create a topic

1)In the Project Manager pod, open the XHTML Files (Topics) folder.

2)To store the topic in a specific custom folder, select the folder.

3)Do either of the following:

Click the New Topic icon white_ico.png.

To create the topic with a different HTML editor, right-click and select New > Topic With. Then select the editor.

note:    You can also right-click in the Topic List and select New Topic With > [editor].

4)Specify a topic title.

5)Select a UDV from the Variables list to insert in the topic title and click Insert. Click OK. For example, instead of embedding a product name in the title, use a UDV for the product name. UDVs help you manage changes and ensure consistency.

6)If required, modify the file name that RoboHelp creates from the topic title.

For best results, use underscores instead of spaces in file names, and follow the HTML file naming protocol. Avoid using these characters in file names: \ / : * ? < > | # ", $, &, [ ]

(Apply these same conventions to folder names.)

7)(Optional) Select a master page.

8)Specify a language for the new topic.

note:    If you do not specify a language for the topic you are creating, RoboHelp uses the language setting for the project. RoboHelp uses the language setting for a topic for the spelling checker, the thesaurus, smart indexing, and full-text search indexing. The output UI is controlled by the project language setting. For more information about language support, see Authoring content in multiple languages

9)Add keywords to help users find the contents of this topic. To separate the keywords, you can use commonly used characters, such as comma, semicolon, and space. Space works in most languages.

note:    The keywords you specify are added to the index. For more information, see Topic keywords.

10)Select Exclude This Topic From Search only if you do not want to display this topic in the search results.

note:    Exclude From Search is not available for Microsoft HTML Help (CHM) search.

tip:   To open a topic in a third-party editor, right-click the topic in the Project Manager or the Topic List and select Edit With. The topic opens in the editor you specified (the Editor box still displays the editor set for the project).

September 30, 2016

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