View topics and design elements

Preview topics

Preview topics instead of generating an entire project. Click links and Related Topics buttons, see Dynamic HTML effects, access frames and forms, and view features.

important:   If the topics contain links to PDFs, make sure that Adobe® Acrobat® 10 is installed on your computer. Previewing any PDF in Acrobat 9 or earlier versions might not work correctly.

If you have multiple browsers installed on your computer, you can select a browser from the View With list from the preview window. RoboHelp displays the topic in the selected browser.

1)Do one of the following:

Open the topic in the Design view and click the View icon View.png on the toolbar.

Right-click the topic in the Topic List pod or the Project Manager pod and select View.

2)(Optional) To preview conditional text areas, choose a conditional build tag expression from the menu.

note:    To change the CBT while previewing in the browser, change the CBT in the preview dialog and click Refresh in the browser.

3)Click View With and select the browser from the list of the browsers installed on your computer.


Certain features, such as See Also controls and Keyword Link controls, do not work in preview mode - both in the Preview dialog box and the browser.

Text-only popups cannot be viewed in Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

If you close the Preview dialog box, the topic displayed in the browser appears until you refresh the browser.

(Preview dialog box) The Back and Forward options in the context-sensitive menu help you navigate between topics that you open by clicking links in the topic you are previewing. You can also press the Backspace key.

(Preview dialog box) If you change the topic in Design Editor and drag the Preview dialog box, RoboHelp updates the content to display the new changes.

September 30, 2016

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