General pane for Oracle projects

The General pane applies to the Topic Properties and New Topic dialog boxes in Oracle Help proj­ects.

Use the General pane to create topic titles and file names.

Topic Title

Displays in the viewer, or when viewing topics by titles in the Project Manager.

File Name

Name of the topic file (default is based on the title). Displays when viewing topics by file names in the Project Manager.

tip:   You can automatically save file names using underscores, letting you synchronize the TOC book and pages in the Contents tab with content in the viewing pane.


Displays or selects a template for a topic. Select None to use formatting from the default style sheet. To view the displayed template, click the View button.

Editor (For Topic Properties)

Shows the HTML editor for the project. Change this setting to use one other than the Robo­Help Design Editor.

note:   Oracle Help uses topic IDs (in a map file) to make context-sensitive Help calls. You can change the ID by editing the topic META tag.

September 30, 2016

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