Manage topics

Rename a topic

When you rename a topic, the title is updated in the topic properties. Links to the topic still work. Other references are not automatically updated. For example, you may need to edit the TOC page title in the TOC Editor.

If you create new topics using a master page, topic titles are automatically updated when you change a topic title in Topic Properties.

1)Do one of the following:

Select Project > Open > Pods > Project Manager.

Select Prjoect > Pods > Topic List.

2)Select a topic.

3)In the toolbar, click the Properties icon Properties.png. Click the General tab.

4)In the Topic Title box, type the new title.

5)Click OK. The topic title is updated.

6)To change the topic heading, open the topic in the Design Editor. Edit the heading text.

note:   To match the file name to the updated topic title, change the file name when you change a topic title.

September 30, 2016

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