Change topic properties

Topics have properties that define their appearance and index keywords. You can change properties for a single topic or a group of topics.

1)Do one of the following:

Right-click one or more topics in the Topic List pod. Select Properties.

Right-click a topic in the Project Manager pod. Select Properties.

Right-click a topic in the Design Editor and select Topic Properties.

2)Click a tab and make changes.

3)Click OK.

tip:   Use options on the Status tab to track topic development and manage the project. (To access the Status tab, right-click a topic and select properties. On the Topic Properties dialog box, select the Status tab.) You can also generate project reports based on properties you set.

Change topic properties on the Index tab (WebHelp Pro)

Work with keywords referenced by the topic.

Select Index

Select an index to add keywords or view the related referenced keywords.

Index Keywords

Create and edit keywords.


Add a keyword from the Index Keywords text box.

Add Existing

Copy a keyword from other topics.


Remove a keyword.


Replace a keyword with text from the text box.

Smart Index

Open the Smart Index wizard.


Open the General tab. Save the keyword in either the index file or in the current topic.

Changing master pages

To change which master page is applied to a topic, select a master page from the Master Pages menu. The default is the last master page applied to the topic. You can view the master page by clicking the View button View.png or browse to a new master page by clicking the Browse button.

September 30, 2016

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