Applying master pages

You can apply or change the master page to one or multiple topics at a time. Use this option to change the master page of one or more, but not all topics in your project. You can apply the master page to all topics when you generate the Help output.

Apply a master page to a topic

1)From the Topic List, right-click the topic, and select Properties.

2)In the Topic Properties dialog box, select the General tab.

3)All the master pages in a project are listed in the Master Page menu. Select a master page and click OK. Optionally, you can do the following:

To preview the selected master page, click the Preview icon.

To select a master page that is not in the current project, click the Browse button.

Apply a master page to multiple topics

1)In the topic list, sort the topics by the master page associated with them.

note:    If the Master Page column is not visible, right-click a column header, and select Master Page from the menu.

2)Select the topics that are associated with the master page that you want to substitute. If you are applying master pages for the first time, select the topics that are not associated with a master page. You can also select multiple sets of topics with different master pages applied to them.

3)Right-click, and select Properties.

4)In the Topic Properties dialog box, select General tab.

5)Select the master page from the Master Page menu, and click OK.

September 30, 2016

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