Update expanding glossary hotspots

The Glossary Hotspot wizard inserts markers for the terms defined in the selected glossary. It doesn’t insert definitions for terms in the topic. When you generate a preview or output, RoboHelp adds definitions for the terms. As a result, topics always have the updated definitions for marked terms.

1)Choose Project > Open > Pods> Glossary and click Glossary Hotspot Wizard.

2)Select options. In the Select Term menu, select an individual term or all terms.

Confirm Marking Terms For Each Topic

Select to choose which terms in topics are marked to expand as glossary hotspots.

Automatically Mark Terms For All Topics

Tell the Glossary Hotspot wizard to mark all glossary terms it finds in topics to expand to glos­sary hotspots.


Makes search case sensitive.

Mark Only The First Instance Of Term In Topic And Unmark Subsequent Instances

Select this option to turn the first marked instance of a term into an expanding glossary hotspot when you preview or generate output.

3)Click Next.

Select a term to mark in a chapter.

4)To assign the new definition to the term, select the box next to the term that does not match.

5)Click Next. Repeat steps for each topic that the Glossary Hotspot wizard displays.

6)Click Finish.

September 30, 2016

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