Unmarking expanding glossary hotspots

Unmark hotspots using the Glossary Hotspot wizard

1)Choose Project > Open > Pods> Glossary and click Glossary Hotspot Wizard.

2)Select Confirm Adding Definitions For Each Topic.

3)Select a folder and status to search.

4)From the Select Term menu, select the term to remove.

5)Click Next.

6)As each topic appears, deselect the check boxes to remove expanding glossary hotspots.

7)Click Finish.

Unmark hotspots in Design view

1)Open the topic in the Design view. Select the term.

2)Right-click and select Remove Expanding Text.

You can click the definitions of marked glossary terms in the Glossary Definition Viewer but you cannot edit the term definition. note:    When you upgrade a glossary from an older version, all the local changes are lost.

September 30, 2016

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