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TOC basics

About TOCs

The table of contents is a hierarchy of the folders, topics, and any subfolders in Project Manager. RoboHelp creates books from custom folders and pages from the topics in these folders. Any topics not saved in custom folders appear as pages at the first level in the table of contents.

You can reorder books and pages after you create the table of contents.

Create TOCs

Automatically create a table of contents based on the chapter layout defined in the Project Manager pod.

1)In Project Manager, right-click the Table of Contents folder, and select New Table Of Contents.tip:   If the project has many topics, collapse the Project Files folder first to view the Table Of Contents folder.

2)Specify a name for the TOC.

3)(Optional) Select Copy Existing Table of Contents and browse for an existing TOC file (.hhc) to create the TOC from an available TOC.

4)Click OK. RoboHelp opens the Table Of Contents pod.

5)In the Table Of Contents pod, click the Auto-Create TOC button auto_create_toc.png.

6)Select an option in the Auto-Create TOC dialog box:

Delete Current TOC Before Creating New

Removes books and pages before automatically creating the table of contents. If this option is deselected, existing books and pages are included in the table of contents.

Create TOC Pages For Mid-Topic Links

Creates pages in the table of contents based on bookmarks. RoboHelp makes the topic that contains the bookmark into a book and all bookmarks into pages.

7)Click OK.

note:    In Microsoft HTML Help projects, you synchronize the table of contents in window properties. Folder names and filenames, including those for topics, must use underscores rather than spaces.

Print TOCs

1)Click the Table Of Contents pod.

2)In the toolbar, click Print.

3)From the pop-up menu, select the information to print.


Print all book and page titles.


Print all book and page titles, the topic titles linked to each, and the folders in which the topics are located.

4)Click Properties or Page Setup to specify print options.

September 30, 2016

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