Multiple indexes

Create multiple indexes

You can create multiple indexes in the same project. New indexes are added to the Index folder. With multiple indexes, you can right-click any index and select Set As Default to set the index as default index. You can right-click an index and select Rename to rename the index as well.

You can copy and drag keywords across multiple indexes.

1)Do one of the following:

In the Project Manager pod, right-click the Index folder. Select New Index.

Click the Create/View Index File button. Click New.

2)Type a name in the text box.

3)(Optional) To copy an existing index, select Copy Existing Index. Click the browse button browsedots.png to navigate to the index.

4)Click OK.

Merge indexes

Follow this procedure to merge the indexes within a project.

1)In the Project Manager pod, open the Index folder.

2)Double-click an index.

3)In the Index pod, select a keyword where you want to insert the merged index.

4)Click the Insert Index Placeholder button IndexPlaceholder.png.

5)From the Select Index menu, select the index to insert.

6)Click OK.

The merged index appears with the New Index icon IndexPlaceholder.png.

7)Double-click the icon, and click View.

The merged index appears in the Index pod.

September 30, 2016

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