Manage indexes

Manage indexes with reports

RoboHelp provides reports to use in managing indexes, such as the Index and Unused Index Keywords reports. The Index report lets you choose options to define how the report displays infor­mation. You can display all the keywords, a list of keywords with their related topics, or a list of topics and their related keywords.

The Unused Index Keywords report lists keywords that topics do not reference. These keywords reside in the index file. Use this report to identify keywords to remove or to associate with topics.

You can save, copy, print, and mail reports.

1)Select Tools > Reports.

2)Select a report, such as Index, and view the results.

3)Click Close.

Identify and fix broken references for keyword topics

1)In the Project Manager pod, open the Broken Links folder.

Missing topics are listed. They appear with a red X.

2)Right-click a missing topic. Select Properties.

Keywords that reference the missing topic appear with a key icon index_file_keyword.png. You can remove or relink the topic reference in the Index pod.

Remove topic references from keywords

note:   If you remove all topics from the keyword, the Index pod displays the keyword in bold text to indi­cate that it is unreferenced.

If you select a keyword in the Index pod, the lower panel displays all the topics that reference it. You can remove any topic from this panel to remove the keyword from the topic. The name of the topic that is no longer in the project that references the selected keyword is displayed. If you remove the topic from this panel, the broken link is removed and the index file is updated.

1)In the Index pod, select a keyword.

The lower panel of the Index pod lists the topics that reference the keyword.

2)Select a topic. In the toolbar, click the Delete button delete.png.

Remove unused index keywords

Unused keywords aren’t associated with topics. The Index pod displays unused index keywords in bold. Unused keywords don’t appear in the index.

The index keeps unused keywords after you remove topics that reference them. This way, you can assign the keywords to other topics without having to read them.

note:   This procedure doesn’t remove keywords that have one or more subkeywords.

1)In the Index pod, select a keyword. In the toolbar, click the Delete button delete.png.

tip:   Select Tools > Reports > Unused Index Keywords to identify unused keywords.

Apply conditional build tags to an index

1)In the Index pod, select a keyword.

2)Click Edit > Tags > Apply > New/Multiple.

3)Select tags or click Check All.

4)Click OK.

September 30, 2016

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