Manage TOCs

Manage TOCs with reports

RoboHelp provides several reports to help you manage tables of contents and resolve errors.

1)Select Tools > Reports > [report name].

You can save, print, copy, and mail reports.

Table Of Contents report

This report displays the hierarchy of books and pages in a table of contents. You can view parts of a table of contents by selecting a specific folder from the Folder list. If you change topic titles or file­names, you can compare them with the titles used in the books and pages.

Choose from these report formats:


Includes titles of books and pages, names of topics that are linked to them, and names of folders in which files are located.


Includes titles of books and pages and names of topics linked to them.

tip:   Use this report as a project outline.

Topic Properties report

Customize this report to display any of these items:

Topic titles


Folder names

Books and pages that reference topics

Topic Reference report

This report tracks references to the topics in a project, including books and pages in the table of contents that are targeted to topics.

Unreferenced Topics report

This report tracks topics in a project that aren’t used in the table of contents, the index, or navigation components.

Broken Links report

This report displays the broken links in a project, grouped by file.

Identify and fix broken TOC links

If books or pages have broken links, they appear in the Table Of Contents pod with a red X.

1)Select Project > Navigation > Broken Links.

References To Selected Topic

Shows all references to the missing topic. The Open Book icon book1ico.png indicates broken TOC refer­ences.

All Missing Topics

Displays topics missing from the project.

2)To remove a TOC item, select it under References To Selected Topic, and click Delete.

September 30, 2016

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