Create glossary terms

1)In the Project Manager pod, double-click a glossary in the Glossary folder.

2)In the Glossary pod, type a term in the Term box.

3)Click the Add Term button (plus sign) or press Enter.

The term appears in bold, indicating that it doesn’t have a definition.

4)In the Definition For panel, type a definition.

You cannot use formatted text, tabs, or returns.

tip:   For terms and definitions to appear within topics, add expanding glossary hotspots.

5)If needed, enable the Glossary tab in the single-source layout wizard so that it appears in the output. Add at least one term and its definition to enable the glossary checkbox in the single-source layout wizard.

note:   (Microsoft HTML Help) When you distribute the final output, include an HHActiveX.DLL file with the CHM file. This DLL file is the ActiveX® control that supports online glossaries. This file must be copied to and registered on end-user Windows systems.

September 30, 2016

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