Customize a TOC (HTML Help)

Select a custom font for displaying book and page titles, and synchronize books and pages with topic content. Use raised or sunken edges to give a three-dimensional look.

1)In the Single Source Layouts pod, right-click a layout for HTML Help output.

2)Select Properties.

3)Click Edit next to Advanced Settings.

4)Click the TOC Styles tab.

5)Set style options:


Add a border around the table of contents.

Dialog Frame

Add a frame around the table of contents.

Plus/Minus Squares

Display plus and minus icons that open and close books.

Always Show Selection

Display the topic selected from the Contents tab (even if this tab is not the left-pane focus).

Folders Instead Of Books

Display folder icons instead of book icons.

Single-Click To Open Book

Enable books to open with one click.

Raised Edge or Sunken Edge

Create a three-dimensional appearance.

Lines Between Items

Add lines between books and pages.

Lines From Root

Displays lines connecting books and pages starting at root.

6)Specify a font.

7)Set window, frame, and other options:

To display the topic in a custom window, select the window name from Default Window.

To display the topic in a custom frame, select the frameset name from Default Frame.

To use custom book and page icons, select a BMP file from Custom Image File. Make sure that you include the image path, such as C:\Program Files\Adobe Robo­Help[version]\My.bmp.note:    For custom book and page icons, create an icon strip. See the MSDN Library on the Microsoft website.

8)Click OK.

Version-control projects may have more options.note:    The binary TOC option is recommended only for large Help systems. It requires compiled HTML Help and doesn’t support customization or external TOC files.

September 30, 2016

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