Styles and style sheets

Style types

You can manage style sheets at the project level and apply styles at the topic level. Master pages provide the layout of a topic and help control the styling. These types of styles are available:

Inline styles

A block of text and its formatting within an HTML file (topic) formatted directly in Design Editor. If you link the file to a style sheet, inline styles override styles in the style sheet and embedded styles. See Inline styles.

Embedded styles

Style definitions saved in an HTML file (topic). If you link the file to a style sheet, embedded styles override the styles in the style sheet. You can create a character style or a paragraph style.

Styles in cascading style sheets (CSS)

Style definitions stored in a CSS file. You can create a character style, a paragraph style, a list style, a multilevel list style, and a table style.

After you convert a WinHelp project to an HTML-based project, styles are available as follows:

Project created from an HPJ file

You can create styles that use the same formatting as styles in Word templates. These styles are saved in style sheets that are attached to the HTML topics. If you do not want style sheets, translate the Word formatting into inline styles in the HTML topics.

Project created from an HLP file

Preformatted style sheets are available to apply to HTML topics. Topics are formatted to use the default HTML styles.

September 30, 2016

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