Manage style sheets


Link a style sheet to topics or master pages

You can associate one style sheet with any number of HTML topics, including a topic in Design view, multiple topics, or a new topic.

If you create a style sheet in a project and apply it to a new topic, all topics you create later use the new style sheet. Link a topic to another one, if necessary.

1)From the Topic List, select one or more topics.

2)Click the Properties icon Properties.png in the toolbar. Click the Appearance tab.

3)Select a style sheet. If needed, click the Browse button browsebut.png to navigate to a style sheet, or click New to create a style sheet.

4)(Optional) Edit the style sheet:


Add, modify, or remove styles in the style sheet.

Background Sound

Add a sound clip that plays when the topic opens in the viewer or browser.

Sound Loop Count

Define the number of times the sound clip plays when the topic is opened. Select Infinite to play the sound continuously while the topic is open.

5)Click OK.

note:    Use this same procedure to link a style sheet to a topic in Design Editor.

September 30, 2016

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