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About list styles

RoboHelp provides three types of lists: HTML lists, advanced lists, and autonumbered lists. Advanced lists can be either single level or multilevel lists. You can define HTML list styling under List Styles and Advanced lists under Multilevel List Styles. Define autonumbered lists under Para­graph Styles.

HTML lists

All the ordered <ol> and unordered <ul> lists come under HTML lists.

Advanced lists

Creates a hierarchical or outline list, such as numbered heading styles, with numbering such as 1, 1.1, 1.1.1, and so on. Like simple numbered lists, hierarchical numbered lists and the accom­panying paragraph styles share the same formatting. The multilevel lists set up complex nested steps, such as steps, step results, substeps, and so on. Multilevel lists define only the numbering properties. Multilevel lists do not have their formatting until they are linked to paragraph styles.

For an example of how to create a multilevel list based on a supplied style (list template), see the Outline Numbering section in Peter Grainge's RoboHelp tour.

Autonumbered lists

Autonumbered lists are linked to paragraph styles. To autonumber a paragraph, you can apply autonumbering to it. To number figures or tables sequentially, define a simple numbered list format, such as Figure Number or Table Number. In simple numbered lists, the paragraph style and numbering styles share the same font, font size, font weight, and font color.

For a video introduction by John Daigle, see Easy ways to create lists and autonumbering on the Adobe RoboHelp video tutorials page.

September 30, 2016

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