Create styles for style sheets

Create a style in the Styles dialog box

1)In the Project Manager pod, right-click the style sheet where you want to create the style, and click Edit.

2)Click New and select a style type, for example, Paragraph style. By default, the new style is created with a default name such as Style1.

3)In the Styles box, change the default name of the style. Do not use special characters or spaces in the name.

note:    If you use special characters, RoboHelp prompts you to fix the name. Some browsers cannot read styles with names containing special characters.

4)Select options in the Formatting section of the Styles dialog box. Changes appear in the Para­graph Preview section.

5)(Optional) To set additional values, click Format, and select an option:


Select font families, size, and attributes, such as bold or italics.


Set up indents, line spacing, and alignment.

Borders And Shading

Use the Borders tab to set border types, color, line thickness, and spacing. Use the Shading tab to set background color and image options.

DHTML Effects

Select which dynamic HTML effect to include and when to include it.

note:    If you modify a style to include a Dynamic HTML effect, resave topics attached to the style sheet. Select Tools > Scripts > Update DHTML. When you resave the files linked to the style sheet, topics authored in third-party editors are converted to RoboHelp HTML. Special HTML tags are added to support specific Help features in the program.

September 30, 2016

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