Create multilevel lists

1)Do one of the following:

On the Style And Formatting pod, click Create New Style, and select Multilevel List Style. Then type a name for the new multilevel list, and click OK.

Right-click a multilevel list style in the Style And Formatting pod, and select Edit.

2)Select a list level from the Apply Formatting To menu. List Preview displays the hierarchical order of the selected level.

3)(For multilevel lists only) Select the paragraph style to apply to the current list level.

4)Select a predefined list style from the List Style pop-up menu, or click New to create a list style. For example, you can have a sequenced list style such as Months, and you can have a sequence of all 12 months added to this sequence.

5)You can prefix a sequence or a multilevel list. To prefix a list style, enter text or numbers to prefix in the Edit Style box. To specify the level to prefix, select the level from the Insert Level menu. You can add a prefix to the level in the Edit Style box by separating the level and prefix with a separator such as a dot (.) or an angle bracket (>).

6)Apply formatting to the list style:

Font, font size, color, highlight color, bold, italic, and underline

List indention, space between list prefix, and accompanying paragraph text

For more information about the numbering behavior, indentation and margin control, or prefix formats, see

September 30, 2016

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