Create and manage table styles

Besides using global table styles (table templates) and predefined table styles in the CSS, you can create custom table styles to ensure consistent table layouts, borders, alignment, shading, and fonts. You can vary characteristics such as the colors, fonts, bold, italics, and alignments applied to rows and columns.

John Daigle demonstrates some easy ways to create and manage tables and table styling.

Create table styles

1)Select Project > Open > Pods> Style And Formatting.

2)Click Create New Style and select Table Style.

3)Name the new table style and click OK.

4)Apply formatting to the whole table, first or last column or row, or a group of rows or columns. From the Apply Formatting To list, select the columns or rows to format. For example, you can make the background of the first row blue and the background of first column yellow.

5)Select font, size, and color.

6)Select border and border color.

7)Click Apply. The new style appears in the CSS Styles list of the Table Styles dialog box. Select this style to create tables with the same style later.


Click the Apply Global Table Style icon ApplyGlobalTableStyle.png on the Tables And Borders toolbar to apply a style to the table.

Based on the sequence of changes, in the first and last cell of a row, the row color overrides the column color.

The appearance of a table is the result of several classes, such as Table, TR, and TD. RoboHelp applies these subclasses to the respective table item when you apply a table class. Therefore, if you want to change a table style through code or script, write a class attribute (class=”myTableClass”) in the table tag. RoboHelp applies all the table patterns for the remaining items of the table in Design Editor.

Apply conditional build tags to tables

Conditional build tags let you exclude content from output.

1)Select a row, column, table, or text in a table.

2)Select Edit > Tags > Apply > New/Multiple.

3)Select tags. Click OK.

September 30, 2016

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