Create an autonumbering style

Autonumbering is linked to Paragraph styles. You can autonumber a paragraph style and apply it as a numbered list style.

1)Do one of the following:

Select a paragraph style in the Styles dialog box.

Create a paragraph style.

2)Click the Autonumber button AutoNumber.png.

3)(Optional) Select Inherit Numbering Property From Multilevel List to inherit the multilevel list style to apply autonumbering. Select the multilevel list style from the List Class pop-up menu and select the level to apply autonumbering. Click OK.

4)Enter a prefix for the new autonumbering style in the Format text box.

5)Select a predefined numbering option from the Numbering pop-up menu or select New to create a sequenced autonumbering style.

For more detailed information, see

September 30, 2016

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