Apply styles

After you link a CSS file, an external style sheet, or embedded styles to a topic, you can apply styles.

1)In the Design view, do one of the following:

Select the text to format.

Click inside the paragraph to format. For multiple paragraphs, select the paragraphs.

2)In the Styles And Formatting pod, double-click a style.

Character styles apply to selected blocks of text and impact fonts and DHTML effects.

Paragraph styles apply to entire paragraphs and impact fonts, spacing between lines, numbering, borders and shading, and DHTML effects.

Table styles apply to the content in the tables.

List styles apply to all numbering and bullet styles.

Multilevel list styles apply to hierarchical lists.

tip:   To remove a character style, select the text and select a different style from the Style list. To remove a paragraph style, select the style None.

September 30, 2016

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