Triggers and targets

About triggers and targets

Triggers are text or images that have a special DHTML effect applied. When users click text or an image that's assigned a trigger, a target appears. To open DHTML effects using triggers, first assign a trigger to text or an image. Then connect the trigger to a target and assign a DHTML effect. When working with triggers and targets, keep in mind the following details:

Triggers and targets must reside in the same topic.

To indicate that an item is clickable, change the font color and underline, or add text to an image.

Trigger and target images


Assign a trigger to text or images

1)Select the text or image to assign as the trigger.

2)Select Insert > DHTML > Trigger > Trigger. A cable drum icon trigger1.png appears. Hash marks shade the text.

3)Connect the trigger to an image or text.

Connect triggers to text

1)Select the text to use as the target.

2)Select Insert > DHTML > Effects > Effects.

3)Under When, select 1st Trigger Activation.

4)Select What (the effect that occurs the first time the user clicks the trigger), and then select property settings.

5)Select 2nd Trigger Activation and set the properties.

6)Click OK. A plug icon target_plug_icon.png appears next to the text, indicating that it is a target.

7)Click the trigger and drag to connect the trigger to the target text. To connect the trigger to multiple text targets, hold down the Shift key and click the trigger. Continue to hold the Shift key and drag the mouse to the next target text.

Connect triggers to images

1)Click the trigger image once to display the green cable drum icon cable_drum.png.

2)Click the cable drum icon and drag to connect the image to the target image. A green line shows the connection between the trigger and target.

3)From the menu, select a DHTML effect.

4)To connect to another target, hold the Shift key and click the trigger again. Continue to hold the Shift key and drag to the next image.

5)From the menu, select a DHTML effect for the target image.

Removing triggers

1)Right-click the topic item assigned to a trigger and select Remove DHTML Trigger.

September 30, 2016

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