Insert an Adobe Captivate demo

You can link to the demo topic from other topics in the project, from books and pages in the TOC, and from index keywords. When users click the link, the demo starts.

1)In RoboHelp, open the topic where you want to insert the demo.

2)Place the cursor where you want to insert the demo.

3)From the Insert menu, select Adobe Captivate Demo. The Adobe Captivate Demo dialog box appears:

If the demo SWF file is already in the project, select it from the Multimedia In Project Folders list.

If the file is outside the project folder, click the Browse button browsebut.png, navigate to the SWF file, and click Open. At the prompt, click Yes to copy the file to the project folder.

If Adobe Captivate HTML5 output of the demo is available, browse and select the .htm file.

note:    RoboHelp adds the .htm file as a baggage file and uses the extension .cpz. If you have not specified the SWF file along with the HTML5 output file, RoboHelp adds a placeholder SWF for use in Design Editor. This means that you can’t edit the demo from within Robo­Help. The HTML5 output of the demo is used only in project output generated using the Multiscreen HTML5 layout.

4)Click OK. An object in the topic indicates where the file was placed.

5)To test the demo, click View View.png.

September 30, 2016

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