Import an Adobe Captivate Demo

You can import an Adobe Captivate demo as a new topic in your RoboHelp project.

1)Select Project > Import > Document > Adobe Captivate Demo.

2)Specify a title for the new topic that you want to create for the demo.

3)Specify the path of the HTML5 output for the demo.

4)Specify the path of the SWF output for the demo.


If you have specified an HTML5 output path and skipped specifying the corresponding SWF output path, RoboHelp adds a placeholder SWF for use in Design Editor. This SWF is non-editable.

If the SWF being imported has any FLV file embedded in it, RoboHelp does not import the FLV file. Add the FLV as a baggage file. See Add files to the Baggage folder

September 30, 2016

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