Dynamic HTML and special effects

Dynamic HTML (DHTML) combines the capabilities of multimedia and scripting to create visual and 3D effects. The effects you insert perform an action or move in response to user input (such as a mouse click). Keep in mind the following details when working with DHTML:

Mouse rollover effects include Drop Shadow, Font Change, Glow, and Rock 'n Roll.

Page-load, page-click, or trigger activation effects include Blur, Elastic, Fade In/Fade Out, Flip Horizontally/Vertically, Fly In/Out, Gray, Show/Hide, Spiral, and Rock 'n Roll.

Some effects can be combined.

For best results, use DHTML with Internet Explorer 5.0 and later.

Dynamic effects in styles are not supported in W3C-compliant output. If you validate the code for W3C compliance, the report can indicate errors.

note:    HTML files support DHTML effects in IE and non-IE browsers, but XHTML does not support all instances of DHTML effects.

September 30, 2016

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