Create an Adobe Captivate demo

Create an Adobe Captivate demo from within RoboHelp.

1)Select Project > New > Topic > Adobe Captivate Topic.

2)Specify a name for the Adobe Captivate project that will be created.

3)In the Title box for the Demo topic, type the topic name.

4)In the File Name box, specify a filename with the extension .htm.

5)Click OK.

6)Create the demo.

note:   You cannot access RoboHelp while Adobe Captivate is open.

7)Save the demo and close Captivate.

8)To test the demo, select or open the host topic, and click View View.png.

9)Open the topic and add additional information, such as a header, footer, background color, or title text.

note:    You can select the Adobe Captivate demo inserted in the topic and cut and paste it into another topic if required.

September 30, 2016

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