View and test browse sequences

Identify topics associated with browse sequences

1)Select Tools > Browse Sequence Editor.

2)Under Browse Sequences, click the plus sign plus_nav.png next to each browse sequence to display the topics.

Test browse sequences

Topics that belong to multiple sequences appear within the browse sequence that is listed first in Link View.

1)Select Project > Open > Pods > Link View. The Link View pod appears.

2)Click the Project Manager tab.

3)In the Project Manager, open the HTML Files folder and select a topic.

4)Drag the topic into the Link View pod.

When a yellow line appears around the Link View icon linkview_center_drag.png, release the mouse button to display links to and from the topic.

If the topic is part of a browse sequence, the Previous linkprev_but.png and Next linknext_but.png buttons appear above and below it.

5)Click the Previous and Next buttons to test the browse sequence.

View sequences for a single topic

1)Select a topic.

2)Click the Properties button Properties.png.

3)Click the Advanced tab.

Test browse sequences in a browser or view

1)Verify that browse sequences are enabled.

2)Click the Generate button generate_but.png to generate.

3)Click View Result and click through the browse sequence.

Identify the browse sequences a topic is assigned to

1)Open a topic in the Design Editor.

2)Click the Properties Properties.png button.

3)Click the Advanced tab.

September 30, 2016

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